PROJECTS v izvedbi

Upgrading of the Ljubljana-Brezovica railway section

The upgrading of the Ljubljana-Brezovica section will include the replacement of 6.9 kilometres of tracks and rolling stock on the double-track line, the arrangement of level crossings and the upgrade of signalling devices. We will also carry out the replacement of the steel bridge over the “Mali Graben” and the construction of anti-noise fences with a total length of 8.196 meters. The “Ljubljana Tivoli” station will also get a new look, where two platforms will be upgraded, two elevators will be built to access the platforms and also two shelters with a canopy will be built.

Upgrade of the Pragersko node

As part of the upgrade of the Pragersko node, the Pragersko railway station will be renovated, giving it a more modern look. At the station, the platform will be upgraded with canopies, a new underpass with elevators will be built, the station building will be renovated and two parking lots will be arranged. A good 2 kilometres of anti-noise fences will also be erected in the area of the station. 18 kilometres of tracks will be upgraded, 30 turnouts will be replaced, the rolling stock and signal safety devices will also be upgraded. A new road underpass will be built under the railway line to replace the current level crossing, which will increase traffic flow and improve traffic safety.

Modernization of infrastructure in the port of Rijeka - container terminal “Zagrebačko pristanište”

As part of the project, the Rijeka cargo station will be modernized and an intermodal terminal will be built on the newly built container terminal.

Referenčni projekti

Upgrading of the railway line on the section Zidani Most-Celje

The upgrading of the 26.2 km long section from Zidani Most to Celje was carried out in several sections.
We participated in the following three:
- Upgrade of the Celje and Laško railway stations, implementation time: October 2016–June 2018
- Upgrade of the railway sections Rimske Toplice-Laško and Laško-Celje, time of implementation: November 2017–January 2020
- Upgrade of the railway section Zidani Most–Rimske Toplice and the railway station
    Rimske Toplice, time of implementation: March 2019–May 2021
Client: Directorate of the Republic of Slovenia for Infrastructure

Renovation of the track on the viaduct Jelen

In November 2020, we restored the right track on the viaduct Jelen, one of the giants of the southern railway. It was built in 1857. When leaving the village in May 1945, the Germans wanted to blow it up, it escaped a cruel fate only because of the lack of explosives. The bridge, built in a slight bend, is made of bricks and stones and consists of twelve columns and eleven arches. It is 219m long and 29m high. It is one of the oldest Slovenian bridges with a double-track railway and even though it was built for low loads, heavy freight trains can still drive over it today.

Upgrade of the Maribor Tezno railway station, the Maribor railway station and the Maribor-Počehova line section

As part of the project, the Maribor Tezno railway station, the Maribor railway station and the section between Maribor and Počehova were upgraded. Two kilometres of anti-noise fences were also installed.
Client: Directorate of the Republic of Slovenia for Infrastructure
Duration: November 2017–January 2020
Value of works carried out by ŽGP: 19.7 million euros

Replacing sleepers on the bridge over the Sava in Sevnica

As part of the maintenance of Slovenian railway infrastructure, the bridge sleepers on the steel railway bridge over the Sava River in Sevnica were replaced in July 2020.

Renovation of the tram line at Remetinec roundabout in Croatia

In Croatia, on May 31, 2020, the southern gate to the city of Zagreb was ceremoniously opened. We also participated in the reconstruction project of the largest roundabout in the city - we removed the existing one and built a new tram line.

Upgrade of the section of the Poljčane–Slovenska Bistrica railway line

The upgrade of the Poljčane–Slovenska Bistrica railway line section, including the upgrade of the Poljčane and Slovenska Bistrica railway stations, took place from April 2017 to September 2019.
Client: Directorate of the Republic of Slovenia for Infrastructure

Installation of a temporary bridging facility – provisional

At the railway station Zaprešić - Savska in Croatia, we installed two temporary bridging facilities (provisional facilities). While the client was building an underpass for pedestrians under the track, traffic on the tracks continued without interruption.

Upgrade of the Kranj-Jesenice railway section