Our Mission
…is high-quality implementation of construction and maintenance services of the lower and upper structure of the railway infrastructure, contact network, signalling and telecommunication devices.

Our Vision
…is to become a leading regional company that offers comprehensive services for the construction and maintenance of safe railway infrastructure.

Our Strategy
… represents a set of activities that we carry out on a daily basis, with the aim of ensuring the conditions for the realization of goals.
   We will be able to successfully realize our goals only if we focus all our activities on:
  • We provide the owners with a constant profit, company growth and growth in the value of the company's capital in the long term.
  • We offer clients modern and comprehensive technical solutions, consulting in all phases of the project, high-quality and professional execution of work. In addition to the execution of works, we can also offer clients support in carrying out handover procedures for constructed buildings or maintenance of buildings.
  • We offer suppliers stable business cooperation, information about innovations, cooperation in the development of new materials and technologies.
  • We offer our employees a well-organized working environment, long-term social security and the opportunity for personal development through targeted education and training.
  • We strengthen our competitive advantages by permanently training our employees, investing in specific track machinery and controlling costs.
  • Our contribution to the society: we accumulate capital in the domestic environment, create new jobs, support associations and help solve social problems.
  • With our activity, we contribute to the protection of the environment.