Upgrade of the Maribor Tezno railway station, the Maribor railway station and the Maribor-Počehova line section

The upgrade of the Maribor Tezno station included the replacement of the lower and upper structure of the railway line to ensure category D4 on tracks 48, 49, 50 and 51, the replacement of turnouts, the arrangement of drainage, the rolling stock and the introduction and protection of signaling and telecommunication devices.

  • upgrade of certain existing tracks to ensure category D4
  • replacement of the track line network,
  • upgrade of two existing platforms,
  • construction of one new island platform,
  • extension of the existing underpass under all tracks with covered staircases, escalators and elevators for easier access for people with reduced mobility. Access to the platforms will be possible from both levels of the underpass or the station.
  • rearrangement of signalling and telecommunication devices,
  • renovation of the existing underpass, supporting walls and culvert,
  • construction of 2.028 meters of anti-noise fences.