Paving new connections

Ljubljana Railway Construction Company

During our decades of existence, we were the main contractor for most construction projects on the Slovenian railway infrastructure. Our work has left a visible mark in the construction of new railway lines as well as in the ongoing and investment renovation of the Slovenian construction network. We have won the trust of the state as the owner of the public railway infrastructure with high-quality implementations and we also prove our extensive experience, expertise and quality in the maintenance of private railways.
We remain unique. We are the only ones in the country specialized and qualified to carry out the upper structure of railway lines.

Upgrading of the Ljubljana-Brezovica railway section

The upgrading of the Ljubljana-Brezovica section will include the replacement of 6.9 kilometres of tracks and rolling stock on the double-track line, the arrangement of level crossings and the upgrade of signalling devices. We will also carry out the replacement of the steel bridge over the “Mali Graben” and the construction of anti-noise fences with a total length of 8.196 meters. The “Ljubljana Tivoli” station will also get a new look, where two platforms will be upgraded, two elevators will be built to access the platforms and also two shelters with a canopy will be built.

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Our mission

…is high-quality implementation of construction and maintenance services of the lower and upper structure of the railway infrastructure, contact network, signalling and telecommunication devices

Our vision

…is to become a leading regional company that offers comprehensive services for the construction and maintenance of safe railway infrastructure

Our strategy

… represents a set of activities that we carry out on a daily basis, with the aim of ensuring the conditions for the realization of goals